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Apply to YouTube Intensive

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YouTube Intensive is an application-only group coaching program to fast-track you to 10,000 YouTube subscribers and 1000 email subscribers...

When you work with Salma inside YOUTUBE INTENSIVE, you'll be building your audience both on YouTube as well as off-YouTube. That's why the focus of this program is to leverage YouTube to drive traffic to your email list. That way you'll always have full control over your business and brand.

Who Should Consider Joining YouTube Intensive
(and who shouldn't)?

This program is perfect for you if you're:

  • an online coach
  • a course creator
  • a consultant
  • a speaker
  • an author
  • a trainer/teacher
  • a solopreneur
  • or any other kind of online business owner

This program is also suitable for you if you:

  • have a YouTube channel but need to grow faster/strategically
  • need to pivot from an existing channel into a new direction
  • don't have a YT channel but want to start ASAP
  • have a business idea that you want to attract an audience for
  • want to use YouTube to grow your existing business and brand

Note: This program is probably NOT suitable for you if you are a purely entertainment channel or vlogger, do not intend to use YouTube to build your business or attract an audience, or you are a student without the funds to invest in a business decision

What's Inside YouTube Intensive?

8 Course Modules covering all the basic and advanced strategies of growing your YT channel, email & brand

Fortnightly Live Calls with Salma to discuss problem areas and opportunities of growth for your channel

Private Facebook Group to get all your questions answered daily, along with peer support

TUBEBUDDY - A 90-day Free Legend License (highest tier) to the premiere software to grow your channel

Downloadable Sheets including checklists, bonuses and activities to keep your work streamlined and step-by-step

Accountability Partners to keep you motivated and on-track with your progress

To be considered for YouTube Intensive, please provide the following information...

YouTube Intensive Application
Which sentence describes you best? *
If you have a channel, please drop the URL here, otherwise leave this blank
If you do not have a website, please drop a link to an online site (your FB page, LinkedIn profile, etc) where we can learn more about you
Do you (want to) create business content on YouTube that educates, inspires or entertains? *
Do you currently have a lead magnet? *
A lead magnet is a freebie that you offer in exchange for someone's email address
Are you willing to put in 4+ hours of work (PER WEEK) for 8 consecutive weeks while taking focused action with me? *
How much would you invest (USD) to create a wow-factor YouTube channel that attracts your target audience, brings in relevant leads to your business on autopilot and positions you as the go-to expert in your field? *
Completing this application may enter you into an exclusive group coaching environment with me and a few other action-takers. This is a limited time offer. Is this something you would like to proceed further with? *

Thank you for your interest in working with me! Look out for my response via the email you shared in this form.


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