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How to Build Authority by Talking About Your Competitors

Samsung vs. Apple. Ford vs. Chevy. Mac vs. PC. We've all seen these giants go head to head with each other, right? It used to be taboo to talk about your competition by name. TV ads used to proclaim the superiority of their brand versus the "leading brand". Somewhere, somehow, that started to change and [...]

9 Content Marketing Tips from Tourism Australia

Most of us think about marketing our businesses or our clients’ business, but how do you content market an entire country? That was the question facing Australia back in 2010 when they embarked on their ambitious “There’s nothing like Australia” campaign. Now in 2013, Tourism Australia has the most popular destination page on Facebook, with more [...]

How to Win Friends and Influence People – on Twitter

Image via wonderferret My first foray on the micro-blogging platform Twitter was in March 2009 after I read a Copyblogger article about how Twitter can make you a better writer. Ever the fan of brevity and getting to the point quickly, I decided to try this network out. I have been hooked (in a good way) [...]