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Build a Community with Facebook Groups

If you want regular customers and one-time sales, then go build a business. But if you want loyal fans and followers who buy everything you create, then go build a community!

A community is a place that encourages a deep integration of values, connections, advice and support. I have personally found that if I like […]

How to Be Engaging on Camera Even if You’re an Introvert

Fact: people watch people who are entertaining and engaging on camera.

So how can you better express yourself on camera, even if you’re an introvert like me, or not very high energy naturally.

I’m going to show you 5 very simple things you can do today to be more expressive on camera!

So, are you you ready???

[Tweet […]

How Your Personal Brand Can Take on Attributes of BIG Media Companies

We all consume media, but increasingly we are able to choose which aspect of the media we want to listen to. Don’t like CNN’s political perspective on something, go find an individual on Twitter with an alternate view on things. Want to hear another side of the story pharmaceutical companies are telling you? Listen […]

Build a Brand on YouTube

Youtube is considered a great place to show off your talents, but did you also know that YouTube is a great place to build your brand? It’s true!

And Brian G. Johnson – my guest on the show today literally wrote the book on how to get the max from YouTube to build a powerful […]

Video Production Steps: How to Plan & Market Videos

The Importance of Having a Production Schedule

Failure to plan is planning to fail, right? You know you’re never going to knock out those videos if you don’t plan and prioritise them and stick them in your calendar. In this video, I want to show you what my production schedule looks like (both in the […]

How to Plan Your Day Effectively – The 3 Task Rule

There are days when I used to start work in the morning and just be so overwhelmed with the tasks ahead of me. There was just so much to do and not enough time to do it all.

Then I read a productivity tip and it said to focus on just 3 main tasks everyday, […]

Marketing Automation for Beginners – How to Keep your Business Running w/ Free Tools

Do you ever feel like you need to step away from your business for a while? Maybe it’s because you need a break, maybe you want to travel, maybe you’re not well, maybe you just need some time off and some perspective…..whatever the reason, do you worry about your business declining or falling apart […]

How Coaches & Consultants Can Build a Personal Brand with Video

Are you a coach? Or a consultant? A solopreneur? Any kind of business-of-one? Then you have a unique advantage when it comes to creating videos. How?

Watch this video to see 5 tips on how you, as a personal brand, can gain a competitive advantage over big brands.

[Tweet “Personal brands have an edge when it […]

How to Write & Present a Video Script on Camera (no memorising, no teleprompter)

If you’re getting started with video, one of the first questions to pop up is “well how do I actually deliver my message?”

DO I just speak off the cuff?
DO I read from a script?

How formal or casual does this process have to be?

Well, for How-to Style, educational videos, such as the kind I make, […]

How to Make your Videos Visually Appealing (with Nick Nimmin)

One of the best ways to build a brand that stands out from the crowd is to look and sound different from everyone else. But what are some proven ways that will make your brand stand out in a good way?

In today’s show I have a very special guest – Nick Nimmin – who’s […]