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What Are You REALLY Selling?

The other day I was sitting across from a prospective client and he said "we want to re-brand". "Why?" I asked him. Because we want to sell more pizzas. Can you help us come up with a marketing slogan? Ok, but what are you REALLY selling? Umm, pizzas. I just told you. No, what are you REALLY [...]

Should I Build a Personal Brand or a Business Brand?

I love that technology enables me and other entrepreneurs to work online and run a remote business. I even try and do a lot of my meetings via online tools such as Skype and Hangouts. So in all this business-building stuff, one reason why people can connect with me online and find me easily on [...]

How to Be So Interesting, People will Stop and Listen to You

Everyone wants attention. You want the attention of your audience. You want the attention of your kids. You want the attention of your customers and fans. You want the attention of your friends and peers. When most people want attention, they talk more. Shout louder. Scream, beg, and cry for attention. But, ironically, the key [...]