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YouTube for Personal Brands

youtube launch pad The ONLY foundational and comprehensive YouTube course for Personal Brands YouTube Launch Pad is for you ifyou are committed to using YouTube to position yourself as a credible expert with value to share70% of YouTube users watch a video to learn how to do something newPeople want to learn what you know. All you [...]

YouTube for Business

join the Live Webinar Discover the Practical 3-Step System I use to Build My Brand and Earn an Income from YouTubeStop using YouTube as a video dumping ground, a content storage space or as a "YouTuber" and learn to finally use it as an efficient marketing system that will attract your ideal clients, make you money, [...]

Video Production Steps: How to Plan & Market Videos

The Importance of Having a Production Schedule Failure to plan is planning to fail, right? You know you’re never going to knock out those videos if you don’t plan and prioritise them and stick them in your calendar. In this video, I want to show you what my production schedule looks like (both in the [...]