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  Hi fellow Inbounder!! It was awesome to connect with you at the madness that was #Inbound16! Below is the full presentation I delivered at my session. Hope you enjoy it! How to Upcycle Content for Maximum Mileage from Salma Jafri And here's the full video of the above presentation:   In the video, I refer [...]

How to Find your Story and Tell it Compellingly

Leah asked: "This year I'm focusing on visibility and, in general, telling my story. I'm running into some blocks though... in that I just simply don't feel like my story is worth telling. Without getting long-winded, I grew up in a very happy home, with parents who taught me that I could be and do [...]

5 Ways to Use Facebook Groups to Market your Biz

Facebook Pages are fast becoming a pay-to-play model. If you want people to see your posts, you have to start running ads to them. Otherwise even people who’ve liked your posts won’t always see all your posts. Further, Facebook, in an algorithm update announced that it will prioritise posts from family and friends over posts [...]

12 Things Authentic People Don’t Do On Social Media

What does it really mean to be authentic? There's a lot of talk about how to be authentic online and what constitutes authenticity. I want to reverse-engineer this and talk about what authentic people DON'T DO! So here are my top 12 things that makes you look inauthentic on social media. [Tweet "If you're trying to [...]

6 Tips to be More Personable on Video

Video is HARD! The power of video, is of course, that it grabs attention immediately, engages the senses and presents information in a stimulating way. But here’s the thing: if you can’t make good videos, it’s probably better not to make videos at all. Shocker? I think not! Let me give you an example: If you’re [...]

How to Name your Ideas to Stand Out in Business

I lust after programs with cool-sounding names. And I’m not alone. Psychology tells us that giving your idea - a product, course, a book, a website, a program, a service, an app, etc - an actual and unique name will increase the chances of it being memorable and curiosity-inducing. Let's see how the pros do it. Watch [...]

How to Be Real, Raw and Authentic without Going Overboard

Be authentic. Be authentic. Be authentic. Arrrghhhh! When most entrepreneurs hear that they need to be authentic, they sometimes start over-sharing. Okay, you want authentic, here’s a video of me eating a healthy breakfast today. Now here’s a pic of me in my bathrobe…yay, I shower everyday. Ok, now I gotta IG my lunch, ya' [...]